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Schloss Lackenbach Guesthouse ‘Oberjäger’

The former ‘Försterstöckl’ of Schloss Lackenbach was to be transformed into a guesthouse. POLKA took the inspiration for this interior project from the surrounding environment and the history of the building itself. Traces of different colours and structures of wall paints of the last decades were kept and restored. They were points of reference to develop an elegant and defined colour concept for the rooms. An eclectic mix of historical and contemporary elements create a cosy atmosphere, which is highlighted by restored furniture from the Esterhazy collection. Each of the six rooms is individually designed and themed around botanical specimen or wildlife found around the estate. The big communal salon with its open kitchen invites the guests to cook and enjoy together the tranquility and energy of this special place.


Hotel Altstadt | Chocolate Room

For their second room designed for the Hotel Altstadt Vienna, POLKA was inspired by the sweetness and seduction of chocolate. The room is swathed in a variety of brown and cream tones. Bespoke cake-lights, a cake-shaped carpet and a headrest for the bed in the shape of a giant chocolate bar will help you to have the the sweetest dreams.

Hotel Altstadt | Polka Room

The concept for the room interior developed for the boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna centres around comfort, transparency and elegance. Curtains run along the walls, allowing the guest to alter the perception of the space. The open bathroom, which is integrated into the room with glass walls and curtains, gives the entire room a feeling of warmth and generosity.

Temporary Installations