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Room Installation, 2008

Experimenta Design Biennial, Amsterdam

Darkness is full. It is a container of surprise, of things both there and not there, said and not said. Objects cloaked in the darkness slowly take shape as our eyes begin to adjust and pick up their traces. We look more closely than usual, and they respond by reaching out, reflections of their details emerging like dots to be joined as clues to their larger forms.But even when the full picture has developed, these chosen pieces of contemporary and historic design – a sofa, chairs and works in porcelain, glass and enamel – hold on to their fascinating ambiguity. Even after we think that we have figured them out and completed their shadows in our imagination, we realise that they are in fact still to be discovered. Some have an unexpected function, others a hidden meaning. Their enigmatic nature is constantly shifting to reveal new possibilities, stretching our perception of what something is or what it could be, of what we see and what we don’t.