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Installation, 2016 Josephine meets Sophie

Hofmobiliendepot – Möbel Museum Wien


The exhibition DESIGN 10 was held for the first Vienna Design Week 10 years ago at the Hofmobiliendepot. Ten years later, the same designers were invited to confront an objekt from the museum collektion with an own design, again.

We opted for the Biedermeier Room of Archduchess Sophie, the Blue Salon in Laxenburg – we loved its colourfulness and gay details. The Biedermeier era abounds with aesthetic ideas that are at times quite crazy and weird, also strong colour contrasts. This appealed to us greatly. We combine one of our first designs, the glass carafe “Josephine” for Lobmeyr, in new Biedermeier guise reflecting the room, with a new product from 2016, the tray “Sophie”, part of a new accessory collection for the Wittmann furniture company. In the Biedermeier era, home lifestyle and the rooms specified for it were undergoing change, which demanded a new category of products; we wanted to refer to this. Our products are meant to be integrated into the ensemble, to blend with it and be reflected in it. The patterns not only take in the wall, but refer to further contexts, to the products. The latter are almost concealed in the room, the room absorbs the products. This interplay is a fanciful game between perception and spatial hierarchies.

Year of origin: 2006 (glass), 2016 (tray)

Material: blown, hand-painted glass, leather-coated metal, paper collage