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Wooden chairs, 2005

Promosedia / Disguincio, Italy

The Polkachair is a dancing chair. It never stands on more than three feet, since its fourth is always a touch raised, ready to make the next move. Sitting on the POLKAchair you don’t have to sit still- it is made to rock. You can move forward and back and remain constantly  in motion while sitting. The Polkachair has a well-behaved brother, the Quattropolka, who leans towards it while standing on all four feet. The lines of the two chairs create a perfect match.

The Polkachair was commissioned by Promosedia ‘by invitation’. POLKA was invited by Konstantin Grcic to design a new wooden chair, which was presented at the Salone del Mobile in 2006.

Since 2013 part of the permanent collection of the Hofmobiliendepot in Vienna.